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As the frontman of The Verve Pipe, I’ve had my share of bad gigs.  It was all part of paying your dues in the 90’s. Back then there was this prevailing sense that things were happening in our genre, and that any day we were going to be signed by a major label.  That potential deal was the golden carrot that dangled just out of reach.  It was the reason that you played the shitty bars that had stages that felt weak under your feet; stages that inhibited your glorious rock moves, for fear you might fall through and discover god knows what beneath.  It was the reason that you put up with crooked promoters and asshole sound men.  You knew that it wasn’t going to last for long.  You were going to be noticed by the majors. Your songs were so much better than anyone else’s.

Your fans…

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  1. the freshmen is my favorite verve pipe song. It is truly one of the greatest songs ever written. I thought that it as their only hit. Then i found their single “Never Let You Down” and i was amazed. I just wish i could find more hits by them.

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